Music festivals are like a marathon, not a sprint. Most of them last 3 days. You're up late, on your feet, and most of the time bouncing around. In order to make it to the headliners you might need some secret weapons- especially during the hot summer months.

Here are 5 of my music festival essentials:
1. Neon Hat
I don't care what I'm wearing, I always bring my neon hat. If I ever get separated from Michael or my group of friends that hat goes on top of my head. It's pretty easy to spot it out of a crowd. My whole group wears them and we have a pretty easy time finding each other. Plus, it's also used to block the sun and to get my hair off my neck!

2. Water
It sounds like a no brainer but I can't believe the number of people I saw without water at Tomorrowland! Most festivals should offer free water, but in case they don't, I always bring a water bottle with a removable lid (the festivals like to be able to check what's inside). The best option is a camelback that you can refull and keep hydrated!

3. Cross Body Bag
Or a fanny pack. Just any bag that you can keep close and comfortably nearby. We were pick pocketed the first day at the festival, and luckily they didn't get anything of too much value. My cross body bag is easy to wear for a length of time, plus I put locks on it!

4. A Camera
The iPhone camera is fine, but a real camera can really capture the moment. It's pretty hard to get a good shot of fire works with the tiny iPhone lens- believe me, I've tried. The zoom on a real camera is much better too!

5. Healthy Snacks
There are, of course, over priced vendors and unhealthy options. That's why I ALWAYS carry a healthy snack. The best option? Larabar. These bars have quickly become my favorite side kick. They offer so many different flavors, like key lime pie and cappuccino. These bars are the real deal. Each one contains 2-9 ingredients of good, natural ingredients, and that's it! I love them so much I'm also adding these as my breakfast when I'm in a hurry!

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And one more thing to add to your list of music festival essentials! If you know me, you know I like neon. The hat, the glasses, the shorts, hell, even the accessories. But I do try to mix it up a bit. Say, some American flag overalls or a printed flowy top.
I haven't exactly got the festival look down, but I do try.

It's hard to stand out of the crowd at a festival. How can I wear something fun, different and still stay cool? (When I say cool, I'm talking about the temperature.) It can get hot easily.

Here's where a new line of shoes and clothing has you covered: Gipsy Dharma. The name alone has me thinking about mythical creatures.
They offer gorgeous boots and clothing unlike I've ever seen. From bright, bold colors to more natural looks, these boots were made for talking.

 If tall boots aren't your thing, check out their stylish ankle boots too:

Gipsy Dharma carries a great selection of handmade clothing, perfect for any festival goer or anyone that wants to stand out in a crowd!

What's essential for you at a music festival or event?
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