I might not be the biggest music expert in the world, but I sure do love it. I started my blog with the intention of writing about everything going on I found interesting. But, I couldn't help blogging about my one true love: music. I've always been a passionate music lover. From Elvis, Nsync to Beyonce and now my deep affection for electronic dance music. Music festival season has started, next weekend I'll be attending Euphoria Music festival in Austin and I've already begun the countdown to Tomorrowland.

100s of thousands of sweaty people cramming their way up to the main stage? Sign me up. For some reason I love the thrill of it. The masses of people. The overall feel of excitement in the crowd. The artists feel electrified through the sheer number of people. A music festival is my ultimate happy place.

But there's one problem- getting the tickets. Most popular festivals sell out in mere seconds, which can make it virtually impossible for non-scalpers like us to score tickets. Whether you're trying to go to Belgium for the largest electronic dance music festival in the world or trying to go to a local show that's highly anticipated, you know there's going to be some competition when trying to get your tickets.

Here's what it feels like:

The Weeks Before:
Oh, I can't wait for {insert music festival name}! It's going to be the best time of my life. I am going to have so much fun. I better start working on a flower crown (or concert tee, whatever).

Ticket Sale Announcement:
Ok, I need to text everyone and make sure they have their computer so we can get online at the exact moment tickets go on sale. WHEW!

Day of Ticket Sale:
OMG. I'm so nervous. I hope we can get tickets. If not, I'm gonna hurt someone. It will be fine: BREATHE.

If you don't get tickets:
My life is over. This is so unfair. I hate scalpers. What do I have to look forward to anymore?

If you do get tickets:
I am basically the best thing that ever happened and I am the luckiest person on earth. I now must spread the news on every social media channel there ever was, ever.

Looking to buy from Scalpers:
This is risky but I need it.

Day of the festival, no tickets:
Pretending like it doesn't matter.

Day of the festival If I have tickets:
I am invincible.

Do you ever have a hard time getting tickets?
*This post was originally a guest post I did for Kaliwood, but had to post it now since music festival is in full swing!

Now I have the pleasure of introducing (although I'm sure most of you already know her) Nicole of Treasure Tromp. This girl is a breath of fresh air and I think I've been reading Treasure Tromp since I started blogging. She just has one of those blogs you connect with.  Her blog is eclectic in that she talks about her travel adventures, her life, and more. I have her tackling the tough questions today:

What's the weirdest travel experience you've had so far?
While spending some time in Bali, I tried Kopi Luwak (better known as cat poop coffee).
kopi luwak - cat poop coffee
Spoiler alert: it was delicious
What customs have you encountered that you could just not deal with?
Being a vegetarian always makes traveling a bit difficult. Certain foods are often associated with holidays or cultural events and lot of times those specialty foods include meat.
Korea via Nicole @ Treasure Tromp
It can be difficult to politely decline food when it plays an important part in a culture. I will usually try a very small bite to show respect but then try to fill up on something else.

Besides that, I recently experience International Women's Day in Cameroon. Women in the country traditionally wear special dresses as part of the celebration. As a visitor to the country, I wasn't familiar with the custom and wasn't able to purchase a dress. I actually had a man yell at me for not wearing the dress that women are suppose to wear that day!  When you travel what do you miss most about home?
Although I have a love/hate relationship with California, traveling always makes me feel a little homesick. As silly as it sounds, I miss sleeping in my own bed, hanging out in my backyard, and having a normal routine more than anything else.
engagement party

You can't leave home without ___?
A picture of my great-grandmother, Day Designer planner, and snacks to keep the hanger away. And when I'm traveling I always take these items in my carry-on.
What's one place you want to travel next?
One of my big goals is to visit each continent before I turn 30. While Antarctica is a bit of a long shot, the next continent on my list South America. I would love to visit Iguazu Falls in Argentina/Brazil/Paraguay or Machu Picchu in Peru.
 How has traveling affected your relationship?
Traveling with my fiancé has not only strengthened our relationship but helped us both to grow as individuals. While I like to travel with a plan / set itinerary, my fiancé prefers spontaneous adventures. He's helped me realize that a little spontaneity while traveling is not only unavoidable but also a lot of fun, and I've helped him see that sometimes a plan can be helpful while traveling.
grand canyon What's one of your favorite blog post you've written?
It is a toss up between announcing my move to South Africa and when revealed that I had gotten engaged.
Treasure Tromp.jpg
2013 was a big year for me!

Check out Nicole's blog, follow her on bloglovin, twitter and facebook!

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