You know how they say “Nothing good happens after midnight” ? Well, I can't attest to this since I've had some pretty fun times at Corner Bar on Saturday nights when the DJ is playing old school hip hop and mixing it with electronic. You can't get me to leave. It just won't happen. Even when I get glass in my foot.
Are you following me?

Ok. Anyway.
I posted this picture on Instagram Friday at Midnight, well technically Saturday.

It was harmless, I guess. But the next day I kind of regretted it. Which is why I shouldn't be allowed on Instagram after midnight. In fact, no one should be. Here's 7 reasons why:

1. You put up pictures of literally nothing.

What is this supposed to be? A car? A lightbulb? Where are you? Who is this? What's Happening?! No one can tell.

2. You forget to use filters.  

You really would have looked better in Nashville. At the very least you could have used the enhancement feature. Pitiful.

3. You put up videos of noise.

This is not an acceptable Instagram video. No one's impressed. Why is he eating Cheetos?

4. Your captions make no sense at all.

So many unanswered questions.

6. Did you mean to upload this?

Yes you did. But now you can't remember why.
5. You put up pictures that only you understand at that moment.

What was this about? Why did y'all do this? You have no idea.

7. That selfie?

You'll regret it at 10 am. I'm looking at you Justin Bieber.

So, stay off Instagram after midnight and put the phone down. Just put it away. You'll thank me later.

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Do you have any questionable photos you've instagrammed?

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