I always get a little anxious before leaving for vacation. Especially if there's a flight involved. I'm not scared of flying, I'm more scared of just forgetting something at home or not being able to just drive back to get it. Like if your name doesn't match your passport and you suddenly need your marriage license.

But since I'm leaving on a cruise, I thought it would be appropriate to write some thank you notes before I set sail. Just in case I forget. 

Thank you Royal Carribbean, for not telling us we needed to be at the cruise ship 3-4 hours prior to departure. Our flight will get there two hours ahead. Don't leave without us.

Thank you spray tan, for allowing me to not blind people on the cruise ship in my bathing suit.

Thank you new job, for giving me free, unhealthy food for the past two months so that I'm really not looking “cruise ready” aka swimsuit ready.

Thank you Hootsuite for letting me schedule posts and tweets and making me look like I hate it all together. No really. You are awesome.

Thank you Walmart, for making these wolf tie dye tees, also Michael's birthday gift.

Thank you Will Smith, for your song “Miami” which will be stuck in my head for the remainder of the week. Also thank you for making catchy music.

Thank you Target, for having pirate themed birthday decor for 12 year olds, also great for 27 year olds that never grow up.

Thank you Ashten, for being as awesome in person as you are on your blog. Sarah and I could not have loved you more. And I'm planning my trip to Atlanta to dance with you.

Thank you Hugo and Millie, for finally being cone free and not butting me with your heads. Those dogs were never self aware they had cones on their head.

Thank you Mom. Enough said on that one.

OK, I'm out, let's hope we catch the ship on time!

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