The other day I attempted to do some spring cleaning. I yanked a dull, brown, wicker basket from the top shelf of my closet, lost my grip, and tumbling on my head and to the floor were 100+ flashcards. I noticed that there was pink, purple, and black handwritten notes on each. On further examination I realized what they were. About 4 and a half years ago, my mom and some of her friends threw me a bridal shower and each one wrote down some of there wisest marriage advice.
I'm in the wedding mood for two reasons. The first, I attended a wedding celebration this weekend of friends that have been dating for almost 15 years! Two, Michael and I's four year wedding anniversary is this Thursday.

Here's some wedding advice from my mom's friends whether you want it or not. To be honest, most of it is spot on. And jus might come in handy.

On money:
– Remember this… Happiness comes from wanting what you have, rather than having what you want.

– Spend on the things that make memories.



-Never go to bed angry

– Would you rather be right or happy? (Editor's note: Personally, being right means I am happy…)

-When you're arguing, talk softly- he'll have to lean in closely.

– Pick your battles.

– To say nothing is sometimes the best way to go.

Life together:

-Just be a good person. Ti becomes more important as time goes on. (This is a quote my mom wrote down from my grandmother. I never met her since she died when my mom was in college.)

– The secret to marriage is compromise- and knowing that change is the only constant.

-Share your hopes and dreams, so you can help each other make them come true.

Who knows, maybe one day I'll be writing down advice for someone else.