I'm still in shock over here after getting the news of winning the “Best Local Blogger in Dallas.” In case you weren't around when this contest started, it's based on votes. I asked for y'all to vote (beg is more like it). Despite seeing that others did giveaways and gave away money for votes, and I did not, I was downright flabbergasted (do people still use that word?) that I won.

Here's a really awesome picture of me looking shocked. You're welcome.


Other things that have shocked me lately:
– That I leave for Europe in 9 days. I'm not even close to ready.
– That Sno Cones have calories. But, why?
– That I hiked 6 miles and my ankle didn't swell! Yay!
– That I cried while playing Avicii's “Dear Boy” for my parents and sisters. Actually, that's pretty standard.
– That I haven't had a Diet coke in 15 days. This is so hard. Help.
– That Michael is still rocking that damn mustache.

To thank you all for voting and really for just reading this blog in the first place, I am giving away ad space for an entire year. Since that's really only exciting for other bloggers and shop owners I'm also giving away a second prize of $25 Paypal cash. Let's face it, you can spend that money however you want. I won't judge.

And one last thing, in case you don't win, ALL ADSPACE is 50% off today. The last time I had a sale on ad spots was back in December, so get it while the gettin's good. Use code “THANKS” for 50% off and check out all my sponsor options.

The best way to randomly give away the ad space and Paypal Cash use the rafflecopter below.