I'm getting to that point when I'm no longer the younger person in the room. Hell, I'm not even in the middle. Lately I'm asked, “You're how old? Ohhh.” This is especially hard for me to here since I'm an ageist. This weekend I'm going to Austin for Euphoria Music Festival and I have a sneaking suspicion most people will be a good 5 years younger than me. (I'm 27 for reference). It also doesn't help that I'm bringing my younger sister who happens to be 19.

I know I'm old enough to be your babysitter if: 

 You never had a nokia phone. Or a flip phone. 

You can't tell me whether you were an Nsync or a Backstreet boys fan.

 How many beanie babies do you have? I knew it.

Your graduation theme song was anything other than “Graduation” by Vitamin C. 

You only watched re runs of Saved By the Bell and Full House. Frankly, you didn't have TGIF TV and you didn't live for those nights. 

You don't remember what it sounds like to sign into AOL. In fact, you never even had an AOL login at all.

 You never owned a caboodle.  Or a walkman.

Bill Nye was always our science guy. We learned things even after school was over.

You never went to Walgreens to get your disposable camera film developed, having no idea what the pictures contained.

Recess was more than just a break between lunch and class, but a cartoon about some really cool kids.

Your pencil bag was not full of stackable pencils and erasers that smelled like candy.

You don't have a favorite Spice Girl. Or Jock Jam for that matter.

You never owned a mood ring. How could you even know your mood?

You never wore a puka shell necklace or choker. 

You never got the Delia's catalog in the mail.

You never owned a tape. (I still own Britney Spears' single of “Hit Me Baby One More Time” on tape. You know, just in case.)

You never played Mall Madness.

So, could I have been your babysitter? Or do you remember these gems from the past? 

Unrelated but, I'm doing my first in person interview this weekend with a great DJ, Gareth Emery. Let's hope I don't go all fan-girl on him. I'm really nervous and haven't prepared AT ALL. So that's good.

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