Have you heard of the term “chronic bitchface”? Urban dictionary defines it as “When a female has facial features that make her look like a bitch, when she might not be a bitch at all.” Other terms include bitchy resting face, basically no matter what, your face gives off the vibe that you're in a bad mood. While I'm sure many women suffer from this condition, there is one female who actually defines the term, my dog. 

This weekend I caught Millie chewing on one of my shoes. It was typical, she seems to be chewing everything that I that I leave out if I don't keep an eye on her. I decided to do a little dog shaming, you know, to really put her in her place. While I took a picture of her it was clear, she didn't give a shit. 

It's almost as if she's looking at me like I'm a complete idiot. This means nothing to her and she will surely do it again the next time she finds something of interest to chew.

As I was looking at other pictures of her I realize my dog has chronic bitch face. I guess it's fitting because she is a bitch after all. I mean that is a technical term for the dog itself. But nobody really has the whole bitch face down like Millie. 

Look at her compared to Hugo. She's looking up at me like she's above this and I need to hurry up with my shenanigans of picture taking. Hugo's over there just like hey, what's up, I love you. Not Millie, she's too cool for that. 
Of course she'll wag her tail when I come home. She'll dance in circles when it's time to eat. She'll lick me when I play with her on the floor.
But as soon as a camera comes out the chronic bitch face sets in. 


Luckily, that face is still very cute and lovable. But you can definitely tell this dog gets an attitude from her mom. Do your pet's have this problem too?
Do you know anyone that suffers from chronic bitch face?

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