Last night I stayed up way past my bedtime. It was the finale of True Detective on HBO and I was on pins and needles waiting for the final episode. The show didn't end late, but I was tossing and turning thinking about the outcome. I couldn't sleep, so I succumbed to reading about 15 different articles about the final episode online. I'm still thinking about it, FYI. (And I'd like to think Rust and Marty spend the rest of their days as the odd couple.)
Typically, I have to get 8-10 hours of sleep a day. A Duke University study reported that women need more sleep than men. I must be particularly female because I think I need more sleep than the average human. I think one of the main reasons having kids scares me is the well known fact that you lose those precious hours of rest.

If you're wearing a Snuggie in public you should probably go to sleep instead.

However, there are a few things in life I'm willing to stay awake for. I don't know how I do it, I guess my adrenaline gets the best of me, and I can just keep going like the energizer bunny.
When we went to Europe a few years ago, we did not stop. We went to the festival in Belgium, we explored Amsterdam and toured Paris. I decided to keep a sleep chart for our trip and this is what it looked like:

For 10 days we got a total of 48 hours of sleep so an average of 4.8 a night. You can see 2 of those nights were 0. I remember waking up in our hostel in Amsterdam, everyone else was still sleeping but we got on our bikes to see the world. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

But I don't just need to be in a foreign country to stay awake.

If I'm really excited about something I can pass on sleep.

Things I will lose sleep for:

– A Concert
– Late night pizza
– The True Detective Finale (or any other really good show)
– If I have coffee past 3pm
– If I'm trying to get tickets for a music festival
– I have an assignment at work to finish
– I'm reading the last part of a good book
-The DJ is cranking the jams

Really, that's about it. I need my sleep. I guess a nap is in order today.

Did you watch True Detective?! What will you lose sleep over?
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