You are never going to believe this. I have been keeping this secret for so long. It has been so hard to not tell you guys but I wanted it to be a surprise.  Guess who booked a plane ticket, spent $2000 on a Tomorrowland ticket and made the trip from Dallas to Belgium with HELENE AND MICHAEL!!! 
Hi Helene in Between friends, I'm Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars! You may better know me as Helene's Bloggy BFF. It was love at first sight. No, really it was. This girl is my JAM (as all the bloggers would say.)
Well, I'm sure Helene wants to be the one to give you a recap of our trip together but you snooze you lose is how I look at life! So here I am, let's get this party started!!
Here we are at the airport waiting for our flight. Boy was that a long flight, I was so ready to get off that plane once we finally reached our destination. I had my fair share of airplane bottles, though!
And here Helene and I are dancing the night away at TOMORROWLAND!!!! #nofilter
Here we are showing off our arm candy! 
Oh! And here are Me, Helene and Michael during one of the shows! So cute!! 
And look at this precious Farris Wheel shot, would you!! Talk about adorbs!!
Check out this stuffed animal I won! Captain America……. F ya!
And here we are takin selfies! LOVE!!
So what do you think of our trip together???
You are so jeal right???
Venus Trapped

If you aren't following her by now, then that's just silly. I wish she was here with me, dangit!!! But seriously, how do you even photoshop like this? I don't get it. I'm not gonna try. Go tell Sarah she's awesome at life.

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