Last Saturday I woke up at 6:00 am, not my normal Saturday wake up time. Normally, I like to sleep in. But today was the day. Tomorrowland tickets were going on sale, and I could hardly stand it. I cannot fully explain my anticipation for this festival. I just have never experienced anything like it and I have to go again. And again.

Ticket sale started at 10 am my time. Michael and I lined up our 4 computers, two cell phones, and 18 different browsers and open tabs, and started refreshing our screens. Michael had to leave to pick up Mille and Hugo's food on time (at 10:30 sharp, they eat raw chicken + some kibble), so I was left alone to man the computers. Suddenly around 10:45, the middle computer's screen changed and told me I was waiting in the online queue. I rolled my eyes and thought there was no way. After I didn't get tickets last year, I was certain I wouldn't get them this year. Literally millions of people, all over the world, trying to get 1,000s od tickets.

Not a minute later the screen told me to pick my tickets. I had no idea what to do. What weekend should I pick (it's two weekends this year for the 10th anniversary). How many passes should I get? How should I pay?! I was freaking out. But I decided to pick the second weekend (the end of July) and within a blink of an eye I had 4 Tomorrowland tickets!

Happy place, and how I felt on Saturday.

So I decided to put together a how-to for people going to the festival.

Now that you've got your tickets, you're totally stoked, you're going to Tomorrowland!

Here's what you'll need to know before you go to Tomorrowland:

Pack/Wear: Neon is a good choice. It gets cold-ish a night and sometimes rains. Bring a rain jacket. Sunglasses, your festival bracelet, shoes you can walk in.

Plane Tickets: you'll need those.

Money: You'll want to save a little money to have for food, drinks, souvenirs and traveling after if you so choose.

This is the Tomorrowland Strawberry beer. While Michael says it tastes like cough syrup, I love it.

Traveling After: Do it. There's so much close by to see. You can check out my previous posts to see where I've gone.

Your tickets: Tomorrowland will email you a confirmation and ask you to personalize them. You should be getting this email no later than February 21st. You will be getting a confirmation email from Tomorrowland and instructions to personalize the tickets from Paylogic. For information about the process, you can check that out here. You will then be sent your “treasure chest” containing the bracelets to use the day of. Don't lose any of this! Unless you want to wait in line for hours. 

Have extra tickets? You can sell them back in the Tomorrowland resale shop.

If you still have questions, check out my posts about How To Get to Tomorrowland 2014 or Tomorrowland Frequently Asked Questions.

Feel free to ask me anything, either leave a comment or email me: [email protected], or just let me know which weekend you're going!!

And… for my regular readers, if you're wondering why I talk about Tomorrowland so much, here is a glimpse of my stats on Saturday:

**AND for those interested in TomorrowWorld, check out this post on all the details. Or if you'd like a recap of last year's TomorrowWorld, go here. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 12 pm est.

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