This morning I woke up at 4:45 am to try and be one of the first to register tickets for Tomorrowland. I think I broke the world record for hitting the “f5” key trying to get the page to refresh but continued getting a “504 – Gateway error” as millions of others tried to preregister too. If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I'm obsessed with Tomorrowland. I whole heartedly believe that when you want something bad enough and you send it out into the universe, it comes back to you. So here I am, hopeful that Tomorrowland, the greatest music festival that ever lived, will shine it's graces upon me again.
So I'm at it again, writing a letter to Tomorrowland.

Dear Tomorrowland,

Hey there, it's me, your old pal, Helene. I don't know if you remember me, but I have attended Tomorrowland for the past two years. Flying 5,000+ miles to land in Belgium to have the time of my life. You see, last year, with only 3 weeks until the first DJ would spin, you granted me tickets to the festival. I'm still reeling from it.

But here's the problem: I have to go again. I'm certain that 3rd times the charm. And on the 10th anniversary of the festival and my 3rd, it's only right that I'm there again. But I'd love a little more than a few weeks notice.

Another issue: my husband is questioning going a third time. It's extremely difficult to get tickets. They're expensive. And he's worried it's not worth the risk. But I literally cannot fathom not going. What about the music? The Lights? The fireworks? The Lasers? The performers? The spectacle? The people? The face melting main stage?
There's just nothing like it. I know it, you know it.
And you know what else? I need to be there. I'm kind of like a Tomorrowland Patriot. Singing it's graces through all the land.

Not only do I blog about this festival probably more than any other person out there (I should know since I get at least 10 emails a day from someone asking questions about the festival) I am passionate about it. Maybe a little too much. Here is a snapshot of some of the many emails I answer day in and day out:

Which brings me to my next point, I think you should hire me. I can be a Tomorrowland ambassador: blogging about the festival, answering emails and questions and tweets and Facebook messages. Actually, I'll do just about anything. Maybe this is a stretch, but I can't help but try.

So please take into account my undying and almost extreme devotion for this festival and I hope you'll consider the above. I promise to be the best festival goer in all the land and then some.

Yours Truly,


P.S. My birthday is tomorrow, so if you're thinking of giving me a gift, this wouldn't be a bad idea.

For those looking for information about Tomorrowland please check out this page it should answer all your questions (hopefully!).

For those that think I'm crazy here's an idea of what my entry logs look like today:

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