So in case you missed it, yesterday I broke down songs into brackets, kind of like basketball, but the last song standing was the winner. One of the themes was “Girl's Night.” I decided since I'm having one tonight, I thought I'd share some of my favorite songs for a Girl's night. Sarah, prepare yourself.

Songs For A Girl's Night

1. Mako “Beam”

You know when you hear a song and you get chills just listening to it? That is what happens when I hear Beam. It's beautiful, it's fun, and it gets me pumped up. Since most of my playlists are electronic themed or have to do with Tomorrowland, I thought I'd start it off right.

2. Klingande “Jubel”

This song is super jazzy and pretty. Heavy use of the saxophone. Which makes me think of Ron Burgundy playing the jazz flute:

Ron Burgundy Jazz Flute

3. Cyndi Lauper – “Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun”

Can't have a playlist like this without remembering this awesome girl power anthem. Because all I really wanna do is have fun.

4. Fergie “Fergalicious”

Spelling really puts me in the party mood. H to the E to the L-E-N-E you know me.

5. Spice Girls “Wannabe”

Nothing is more fun than arguing who gets to be Baby Spice. But really, I get to be Baby.

6. Young Jeezy “R.I.P I just Killed the Club”

Basically this is a jam, anyway you slice it. I fully intend on killing the club tonight.

7. Ke$ha and Pitbull “Timber”

You will catch me on the dance floor backing it up. I know, it's overplayed but that's also because it's so damn good.

8. Icona Pop “I Love It”

Nothing screams girl power more than crashing your car into a bridge and letting it burn. SING IT LADIES.

9. Miley Cyrus “FU”

This is a perfect song if you're mad at the world, you're man, or if you need something to get down to.

10. Beyonce “Freakum Dress”

This is the ultimate girly song. Put on your fancy dress and go ahead with your bad self. Ok Beyonce. Will do.

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