I'm not gonna lie, I was more excited about Lights All Night than Christmas. I posted about this before. But it's a two night music festival that's taking place in Dallas. Last night can be described as epic with Deadmau5,
My full recap will be on the blog on Monday, but for now here is my Lights All Night Playlist!
Music from the artists!

Kaskade “Turn It Down”

Well, I never want Kaskade to Turn It Down, but this song has a great beat that's both pretty and eclectic.

Deadmau5 “The Veldt”

Deadmau5 has a way of transporting you with his music, this song is the perfect example. He seems to branch into almost every category, but I love this sweet song.

Carnage “Michael Jordan”

This song just makes me want to stomp my feet and jump in the air. You can bet I'll be doing it.

Fedde Le Grand “Let Me Think About It”

A funky beat and smooth voice make this song great for the club or the car. Always keeps me wanting more!

Krewella “Come and Get It”

You really can't go wrong with any Krewella songs. This poppy song really hits you with the electro beats around 45 seconds. Love it.

Nicky Romero & Avicii “I Could Be The One”

Probably one of my favorite songs of all time. The video is amazing as well. This is just how life should be lived.

Kill Paris “Slap Me”

Eccentric beats mixed with classic fist bumping drops make this a jam. This song is so different, I can't get enough.

Cash Cash “Take Me Home”

One of my all time favorite songs of 2013, cross your fingers I get to see them, they come on so early!

Above & Beyond “Sun and Moon”

These trance DJs are known for being incredible to their fans. This is one of their best hits but all of their songs are lyrically rich and have an easy beat.

Icona Pop “All Night”

I've been lucky enough to see this girl duo before, but once is never enough. They are so fun in concert, can't wait to see them again!

A-Trak “Ray Ban Vision”

When I hear this song I am getting low. You can't help not to. So good and fun. Hip Hop and Dance music together makes me happy.

Paper Diamond “Can We Go Up?”

This song is all over the place- and that's exactly where I want to be.

Dirtyphonics “Dirty”

Well, we can't always be clean.

The Knocks “The Feeling”

This music calls back to the days of good old fashioned disco. It works.

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