Guess what's back?!
I liked doing a weekend playlist like last Saturday so when I like something I like to repeat it. Kind of like when I'm eating Oreo's. I can't have just one. Ya dig? (Why did I just say “ya dig”?)
Moving on.
Let's get this jam sesh started.

1. “I Choose U” -Timeflies (Fredde Le Grand Remix)

Upbeat yet still mellow (in my mind). Perfect starter song for the weekend. But make sure you get the remix.

2. “Pursuit of Happiness” – Steve Aoki and Kid Cudi, MGMT

Ok this is an old one. But I'm just s little excited to be seeing Steve Aoki in one week. Plus if you don't know Steve Aoki, now you do. This is one of my favorite songs of his.

3. “Call Your Girlfriend” – Robyn

I have been a Robyn fan since I was in middle school. Her poppy sound just puts a smile on my face, no matter what kind of day I'm having.

4. “Beware” –  Big Jean ft. Lil Wayne & Jhene


Not only does it have Lil Wayne in it (sorry, love him) but I think Big Sean is way underrated. This song is my current jam.

5. “Dedication to My Ex” Lloyd ft Andre 3000 and Lil Wayne

You know when a song comes to your mind and you have no inkling why but you just can't get enough of it? That's what's happening right now with this one. It's old-ish but I love the beat. Lil Wayne is twice on my list. Don't hate me.

6. “Buzzin” – Mann ft 50 Cent

I don't know, maybe I made up a dance to this song. Not really sure about that. OK . Yes I did. But it's just the perfect song to dance to. So sue me.

7. “Walking Alone” – Dirty South

This is just an all around feel good song. Plus it makes me think about Tomorrowland. And anything that does that is just awesome in general. Take my word for it.

What's on your playlist?

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