Michael and I finally renamed the newest addition to our family. No longer is she “Gamey” she is now Millie. We are pretty pumped about this since we are H & M (Helene and Michael) and now another H & M for Hugo and Millie.

Okay now I need a little help. I promise, it's quick. As my favorite music festival nears it's opening of ticket sales, I am presented with a challenge. A challenge I can only think was made just for me. My beloved Tomorrowland is looking for Ambassadors. WEIRD. Since in my last letter to them, I asked if I could be their Ambassador.

If this girl doesn't look like an ambassador than I don't know what does.
I will brush my hair.

The challenge was to create a video about what makes you happy.
Naturally it's this blog.
The video is short, under two minutes.
I ask that you please watch it. The more views, the better my chances.
If you want to share it, wonderful. (Hashtag #HeleneAtTomorrowland) But if not no worries. I thank you and I love you in advance.
Also, for encouragement, at the end I kind of look like a dancing chipmunk. So if you'd like to see me like that please click here.

Here's a screen shot of my looking real cool (not):

If you'd like to share it here is the link to the video (not to my blog):

Remember, the more people that see it, the better my chances!
One more time, you have to click over to People of Tomorrow to see the video.
Nerding out over here.

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