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So if you are new here this isn't my first post to Tomorrowland. “Helene, what the heck is Tomorrowland?” Oh! It's the largest and best electronic dance music festival in the world, it's hosted in Belgium, thanks for asking! No, this isn't my first or even second post about Tomorrowland. I have stopped counting. But see, they haven't responded to my previous attempts at sending me to the festival so I have a problem. We are now 3 months away from the festival, it's time to write them again. And this time, I'm threatening. 

Dear Tomorrowland,

It's me again. Helene. You may not remember me. But that's OK. Let me refresh your memory. 

I went to Tomorrowland 2012. And I was a very very good festival goer. 
I danced, I ate, I sang, I spent money. 
Also, I contributed to the overall ambiance of the festival and represented my home country of the good ole U. S. of A. 
I have put in a number of requests to go to the festival this year. And still no answer. 
So here's the thing: If you don't send me to the festival you are jinxing it.
I promise you are. 
You don't believe me?
Here's how I know.
If you don't send me to the festival, it will rain the ENTIRE time.
Last year it looked like it was about to rain, but I warded it off.

You're welcome.

If you don't send me to the festival, the music will go off sporadically on every single artist.
Not like it did really quickly last year during David Guetta's set. Oh no, that was an easy fix.
This will happen to EVERY ARTIST. 
I just know it.

Guetta is just sitting there in shock, looking at his phone, wondering when the music will come back on.

If you don't send me to the festival all the food will go bad. All of it. Yes even the fried meatballs and the french fries with mayo on the side.

Oh and so will all the beer.
None of the fire works or fire blaster thingy majigs will work.

So there you have it Tomorrowland. It's pretty clear what your next move should be.
Don't disappoint me and all of the other festival goers.


Ok. Let's hope this does the trick. Otherwise there will be hell to pay.

Thanks to Steph for sending me this awesome picture of Tomorrowland from Earth Pics,
as you can see I'm right there. Middle Right.

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