You know those songs that aren't really that good, but you still jam out to them anyway? I mean, they are good, because you are jamming. But they are also kinda dumb. This weekend's palylist is dedicated to just that.

1. Ke$ha and Pitbull “Timber”

I adore Ke$ha but hate Pitbull. I love the mix of country + pop + hip hop all rolled into one commercialized song.

2. Jason Derulo ft 2 Chainz “Talk Dirty”

At one point he's just making up words to rhyme ending in O, but that doesn't matter to me because I'm busy getting down. P.S. 2 Chainz can do no wrong.

3. Katy Perry ft Juicy J “Dark Horse”

I know people love this song, but it's probably Katy's worst work. Her newest album “Prism” is unimpressive compared to previous albums. However, this song comes on the radio and I listen. In fact, I crank it up.

4. One Direction “Story Of My Life”

I'm embarrassed, but I am digging this One D (as the fans would say) song.

5. Lady Gaga and R Kelly “Do What You Want”

This song might be the longest time a song has been stuck in my head. EVER. But dammit. I like it.

What's a song you can't help but love?
Alright guys, cross your fingers for me I'm not freezing my butt off while camping.

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