On Saturday I had the pleasure of celebrating my friend's birthday. Is it just me (well yes, it is me) but are a lot of people born in January? I think so. Anyway, we went over to her house for drinks, music, and Cards Against Humanity.

After we had our fill of wine and beer we headed to the bar for dancing. Well some people went to the bar to talk I guess. Shocker: I did not leave the dance floor. I was really feeling it: Shaking my thang (yep, I just said thang), getting sweaty, pop lock and eventually dropping it.
You know in movies when the DJ points into the crowd, like this one's for you. Well that didn't happen, but he did play Genuwine's “Pony.” And I felt like he was playing it just for me. I couldn't help myself and I went crazy on the dance floor. When the song ended and I was out of breath, a guy came up to me and said “Do you dance for money?”

 I looked at him like I just had a sip of sour beer. “What?” I asked. He started, “I mean, are you professional?” Clearly, this guy was drunk because no, my little hip hop moves are not that good. But I told him thanks. I must have been inspired by watching of the movie “Honey” on Saturday. Or at lest that's what I'm telling myself. I need to get in shape. I'm sore all over from dancing. Because I truly believe:


Today I have a celebrity on the blog. I feel lucky enough to even get to talk to her and by talk to her I mean follow her every move with her over 58,000 twitter followers, 15,000 Facebook likers and 21,000 Instagram stalkers (and if you aren't one of them you should be now). So if you haven't heard of Karly Kim, then you're in for a treat.

Karly writes as if you're talking to your best friend (and then you'll quickly realize she is that girl.) While we do share similar name struggles, one of my favorite aspects of her blog is her “Karly's Keywords” which is a look into how readers find her blog. The one about Karly and Playboy is a real doozie.  Not only is she stunning, she also happens to be witty, genuine and all around just plain awesome. This blog needs to be on your reading list.

She effortlessly incorporates Mean Girl references and many of her posts will leave you with your jaw dropped. She does everything: fashion, cook and teach you the proper way to throw pasta, or her very interesting past as a call center rep that will make you want to check your DVR in check.

So if you haven't ye, go follow Karly's blog or bloglovin and try and not laugh out loud and secretly wish you had her style.
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