As a blogger, I'm always inspired by others. The world of online writing and sharing your story has increased dramatically over the past 10 years. People from all over the world can connect and share online. There are a few bloggers that I really admire. Bloggers that are making a living blogging and telling their story. I'm curious to see how bloggers make money. It's fascinating to me that people are making a living from their blog.

Today I'm sharing 5 bloggers that I read that make real money blogging. I've thought long and hard about the bloggers I wanted to feature. I wanted to showcase bloggers in different categories to give a scope of how the different ways they grow their blog and income. I went with travel, graphic design, lifestyle, fitness, and fashion.

How Bloggers Make Money

World of Wanderlust
 Brooke has been traveling the world for over a year now, doing it virtually alone. Her blog focuses on her travels across the globe and her tips on how to get there and what to do. Her photos are glorious, she makes you want to hop on a place instantly.
 Brooke makes her money from advertising and affiliate links. Tourism boards will pay her for her time and she also has e-books that she sells. She also saves. She spends her money on experiences, not things. Her images and words are incredible, and different from others. She focuses on going off the beaten path, and it's been a great success for her.

The Nectar Collective
I'm in awe of Melyssa's blog. Her blog has grown so much over the past couple of years and I love to see how she promotes and encourages her readers. She's a graphic designer with an incredible community. Her designs are colorful and fun. Her blog focuses on blogging and building your brand as well as lifestyle posts focusing on her dog, her home design, and her life.
One thing I appreciate about Melyssa is her transparency. She talks about how she makes money on her blog. She even told me:
“My biggest source of income comes from doing website and blog designs
for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. A close second would be my blog
coaching services. Though, I'm currently working on producing eCourses
and eBooks for my blog's audience, which I plan to eventually turn into
my primary source of income.”

The Daily Tay
Taylor is a lifestyle blogger in the truest sense. She blogs about her life in a way that makes you laugh out loud and you find yourself nodding along with her.  She's carved her own brand of comedy on the blogging scene and people clammer to read her posts every day.
Taylor makes money with sponsored posts and advertising, but a larger source of her income comes from her T-shirt sales. (I own a few myself.) She hit off with her Nebraska themed “Talk Herbie to Me” tees and now makes tanks and tops for other occasions: like hanging with your dog and loving America.

The Skinny Confidential 
Lauryn's blog is full of tips and tricks about eating right and staying healthy. She also talks about her life, her upcoming wedding, and her crazy hectic schedule. She says she's a “serial entrepreneur” and she always has a new idea in the works.
Lauryn sells a bookon her lifestyle and secrets for staying slim, she has a guide on her blog called the Bombshell Body Plan she sells, she designs blogs, and she uses RewardStyle affiliate links on her blog when she links to clothes she wears. So, she really does it all.

The Londoner
I love Rosie's style because I feel like it's something I could actually wear. Her posts are well written and she's always jet-setting off to some place amazing. I would categorize her as a fashion blogger, but she shares so much more than what she wears. She chronicles her adventures, her eats, her London life, and all with a fun, engaging tone.
Rosie uses RewardStyle Affiliate links on her blog and LikeToKnowIt links on her instagram and is paid every time someone clicks on those links and buys something. I would say this is how the majority of fashion bloggers make their money. If only there was something like that for lifestyle bloggers… but that's a topic for another day.

What I learned from researching and talking to these women is to try it all. Have more than one iron in the fire and keep after your goals. Outline a plan for success and find ways to innovate.

What bloggers inspire you?