As I was rummaging through my dark closet this morning, trying to find a decent outfit (you're welcome sleeping Michael) I realized I had nothing. No, really though. Nothing to wear. As I sat and pouted letting the seconds tick before I needed to leave for work, I thought about fashion bloggers and how they always look so pulled together.
I don't know about you, but I follow all types of blogs: funny, pretty, interesting, thought provoking, and fashion related. I am always in awe of how fast their following grows. And it's no surprise, they are usually pretty people with an eye for fashion. An eye that I never got.

Here's why I want to be a fashion blogger:

They are always so pretty and put together.
 Here's me actually trying:

Of course I got a hair in front of the camera because I'm the worst. I never really think about coordinating outfits. Like ever. I just throw on some shoes and some lip gloss and if I'm lucky I will remember to accessorize. I'm usually not very lucky and forget to even put on that lip gloss. In this case Hugo would be my one and only accessory.

They get swag.
It always seems like fashion bloggers are showing you a picture of a top and then next to it put “c/o”, which means they got that for free. And you know what, it's really cute and I want it too.

Their casual OOTD pics are what I would wear when I'm trying to look fancy.
A few months ago I had to look up what OOTD stood for (it's Outfit Of the Day, in case you're wondering.) So that's good.

Michael told me he's never buying me jewelry again because I never wear it. And, how in the world do you stack bracelets?! Give me a lesson please. Also send me some free ones while you're at it.

They're so versatile.
Even when they wear the same thing again it's like it's a totally different outfit. I wear a different sweater but it still looks like the same outfit because it's just a different shade of cream or black and leggings. Again. It's just a new version everyday.

Not only do the clothes look good, they look good.

I really need a haircut.

It's been a solid year since I had professional highlights done. And a good 5 months since I got a haircut. My nails aren't painted. And four days a week I don't put make up on. (Maybe I'm just really lazy…)

So yes, I would love to be a fashion blogger, but it's just not in the cards for me.

If you're a fashion blogger- how do you do it? If you're not- could you ever be one?

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