First I want to thank you for reading, tweeting and responding to yesterday's post. I'm still in shock that an article of that nature was published. But let's get into one of my favorite days of the week: 10 Things That Are More Important.

Whether you're a Democrat, Republican, Independent or really just don't care- you've heard of the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare.” It's not going too well, to say the least. Only six, yes that number again is SIX, people signed up for Obamacare on day one. They even made fun of it on the Country Music Awards: 

“Hey do you have that Obamacare?” Carrie Underwood asks Brad Paisley. “Oh, it's great. I stared signing up last Thursday and I'm almost done!” Yeah that website still isn't working. Where is their IT guru when they need one?! No matter what side you're on, they need to get this ironed out.

I could probably find 100 things more important than talking about Obamacare, but let's focus on 10:

1. Jennifer Lawrence cut off all her hair. Not gonna lie, I hate it. Sorry. Few people can rock a pixie cut and I prefer her longer locks. So sue me. Another Jennifer chopped her hair as well,  Aniston now has a bob.

2. The CMA awards were last night and one of the biggest hits of the show was Miranda Lambert and her new “slimmer” figure. If you ask me she always looks good. She also won the CMA award for female vocalist of the year.

3. Tuesday was Election Day across the U S of A. Chris Christie of New Jersey was re-elected as governor (and looks like he may run for the big chair: President in 2016). The question is: will he be able to fit in the chair? Sorry- too far? Anthony Weiner, shockingly did not win in New York (JK) but Democrat Bill De Blasio did.

4. In ridiculous news, Lady Gaga is going to outer space in 2015. Maybe she'll wear her meat dress and attract some aliens. OR maybe she really is an alien. #nailedit

5. Speaking of hashtags, Twitter will be publicly traded starting today! With bids starting at $26. Let's just hope it isn't a flop like Facebook's. I'm on it enough, maybe I should invest. #justkiddingIdontplaystocks #orhavemoney #helenestophashtagging OK. 

6. If you're like me I'm in the Thanksgiving spirit and I don't start listening to Christmas music or decorate until the day after Thanksgiving. If you think I'm the Grinch, then maybe you should move to Venezuela. The president, Nicholas Maduro, has declared early Christmas in an effort to make the country happy. It also means early holiday bonuses, so Venezuela might just be the place to be.

7. A teenager in Siberia is auctioning off her virginity for $27,000. Morals? Who needs them! Her parents must be so proud.

8. Remember when you'd wear your PJs and your mom would drive you in the mini van to go pick out a movie at Blockbuster? Just me? Well, Blockbuster has officially called it quits. And I secretly wish I was 12 again so I could have parties like this (thanks mom!):

R.I.P. Blockbuster. Can you spot me? Hint: Top, left- ish
I guess I don't need to return my “Remember the Titans” VCR tape afterall.

9. Think you had a good Halloween costume? Well one girl thought it was a brilliant idea to dress up as a Boston Marathon victim. Don't worry, she's since been fired from her job. And basically from life.

10. Can't have a 10 things list without a Miley Cyrus mention. She is coming to a town near you with her “Bangerz” tour. So get your twerking ready. I know I will. 

What do you think is more important? 

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