It's Thursday, but technically it's my Friday. Tomorrow I'm heading to Atlanta for TomorrowWorld! You can catch up with me on twitter and instagram, as I will be updating from the festival!

But on to the juicy stuff. And by juicy I mean Juicy J. He has a new song and music video with Miley called 23. I'm sorry that she always seems to make the list, but the music video by Mike WIll Made it with Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa is just weird. It's called “23” where the are sing/rapping about the Js on their feet. My problem at this point is why do these rappers want to hang out with Miley? Oh I know. Money. They are making bank. And dangit, I kind of like this song.

But I can think of 10 things that are more important than Miley's new raunchy video.:

1. On the subject of Miley, she has something going on that's even more important than her new video: a new tattoo. It's super classy and cool. Said no one ever.

2. Another teen star turned crazy, Justin Bieber, just got a new tattoo on his back. It's a Bible verse, y'all. So he has another reason to take his shirt off while still remaining holy. Right.

3. If you upgrade your iPhone, that will not make it waterproof. There was a prank going around after this photo was published, and some pranksters caught on.

4. Fall TV is back. I don't have cable so that means New Girl and Modern Family. And I'm not mad about it.

5. For some great reason, there was a “twerkathon” in New York hosted by the Guiness Book of World Records. The star of the show was someone's grandmother.

6. Another week, another star admits to drug use. This is another shocker… it's Melissa Joan Hart aka Sabrina the Teenage Witch or if you're really old school, Clarissa Explains it all. Apparently, it's all in her now book. Go figure.

7. There was a twitter fight between Adam Levine and Lady Gaga over the meaning of “an artist.” PLEASE people. There's room for everyone.

8. Despite the fact that Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian are now separated there are rumors that they will spend their four year anniversary together. She was even spotted wearing her wedding ring and looking super skinny. She must be on the stress diet. Funny, it always happens the opposite way for me and I just eat everything in site.

9. Michael J Fox has a new TV show in which he plays a man trying to revive his career after Parkinsons Disease. The show is a comedy and is said to be reminiscent of Family Ties. Will you watch it?

10. But you know what is really important? TomorrowWorld starts tomorrow!!!

Tomorrowland 2012, same stage will be at TomorrowWorld!

What do you think is more important?

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