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Like most women, I'm busy. It feels like life literally does not stop. I forget to pack my lunch or hit the grocery store, or plan for dinner. When things get crazy busy, I often wind up buying take-out, or grabbing something on the run: usually a little less tasty and a lot less healthy.

But I recently tried something I had to share. Sure, most girls have had their fair share of Lean Cuisines. I basically survived college on the “wood fire style roasted garlic chicken” pizza. And it's still one of my favorites. But Lean Cuisine has taken it up a notch with its new line of “Honestly Good” meals. Let me tell you, it won me over. Made with natural, wholesome ingredients, it's easy on the waistline and healthy too.

One thing Michael and I decided when we got married is to try eating dinner together. You know, actually sitting down at the dinner table. With our busy schedules this can be challenging. Rarely do either of us have the time to fix a well-rounded meal. Enter Lean Cuisine's Honestly Good meals — quick, easy and all around good for you.

Look at that portion of Pasta!

I found a variety of menu options in Target's freezer section. I wanted to try it out for taste. And, to check out the portions. Would I actually be full? More to the point, would Michael?

Men like to eat. And most men don't go for miniature food. That's what I really love about these meals. We both left the table full. And at only 270 calories (for the Roasted Red Pepper Chicken), I don't feel guilty about a little dessert. 

Oh and more reason to love it, Lean Cuisine donates a portion of the vegetables grown for its Honestly Good meals to local communities.
For me this is a no-brainer. It's inexpensive, easy, quick, healthy, tastes good, and is enough for Michael's giant appetite. And THAT'S really saying something. So guess what's for dinner tonight?

Wanna try this? (Check it out at your local Target store!) How do you find ways to have dinner together when there's no time?

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