Right now I am jumping for joy with excitement and butterflies as I board a plane to Atlanta for one the biggest music festivals the United States has ever seen: TomorrowWorld
If you aren't sure what I'm talking about you can check out all the details here. 
I was lucky enough to be given two tickets to attend the festival and I am taking Michael with me as we see DJs like Steve Aoki, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Afrojack, Tiesto, Armin Van Muuren and more. 

Now that I'm not in Europe I will be able to live tweet and instagram so I hope you will follow along with all the craziness. 
Things to expect from me while I'm there:
Instagramming after Midnight
Trying to Sneak backstage to meet a DJ
Crying when they play “Cinema” or “I Can Be the One” 
Weight loss (probably not but a girl can dream) since I will be dancing for 3 days straight
Hopefully, squeezing in some time to see Atlanta!
Neon clothing
Sneaking in wine
Not working
Eating, Sleeping, Raving Repeating
Oh, did I say dancing?!


And since this is a quick post I have the pleasure of introducing you to Tori from Styled Like a Rockstar. Tori is as sweet as can be and I have loved to watch her blog grow and grow. She has even started her own business! She is truly a Rockstar!
 When did you know you wanted to start blogging?
actually became interested in blogging and played around with the idea
of starting my own blog a few years before I actually gathered up the
courage to go full speed ahead and start my blog in March 2013.
Although it did take me a few years to actually put myself out there and
write that first blog post it was totally worth it! I always wanted to
start a blog because I felt that it was important for women (and if
there are any men out there who read my blog) to have a place that they
can go to talk about topics open and freely and teach each other new
things every day without being judged. Now I run two blogs, my business one and my lifestlye one.

 What draws you to tattoos?
have always loved tattoos and been drawn to them ever since I was
little. It might have been a sign for my parents to watch out when I was
like 4 years old putting large temporary dragon tattoos on my stomach
and running around the house like i was the sh!t. As I got older I fell
more in love with the art and the idea behind tattooing and then it was
on from there. At 18 I started working in a tattoo shop (you can read
about it here)  as the one and only girl tattoo artist in the area and my personal collection of tattoos began.
 You're the perfect mix of girly girl and guy's girl, where does that come from?
 I always grew up being the girly girl in
the family. I was always in some type of dance class, ballet, tap, hip
hop, and when I was younger my sister drove around in the little red
jeep power wheels while I drove around the pink barbie convertable…
Needless to say as years went on I continued to keep my passion for
fashion and all things girly but then I kind of broke out of my shell
and wanted to play with the boys too! I wanted to prove to everyone that
not only am I a girly girl but I can do anything a guy can do….if not
better = ) Whoever said that you can't be a girl, ride quads, tattoo
people, train in brazilian jiu jitzu (if you know anything about UFC I
trained at Matt Serra's studio, one on one classes, so watch out! hehe),
get dirty, play the drums and the guitar, listen to heavy metal and
80's rock and not look great in a cute outfit, pair of heels, and be
classy all at the same time is lyin to ya!
What/who inspires your fashion?
I have grown, my fashion inspirations continue to come from the people,
places, and things I see around me every day, to other forms of art
such as tattoos and music! Surprise surprise. I have always loved really
edgy yet classy well put together looks that leave people with a little
bit of mystery ‘ is she sweet…or a total [email protected]$$….or both?!'
What's the biggest risk you've ever taken- was it worth it?

I have taken more risks than I can remember….haha, but the most recent
one would have to be that I opened up my own children's clothing boutique.
It was really scary but totally exciting to put my stuff out there and
have so many people who are interested in it. They usually say the first
year of business is the hardest and I have prepared myself for that but
as for right now I think that this risk was totally worth it because I
got to make one of my dreams come true!

What's your go to jam?
is always changing, but as of right now it would have to be House Of
Gold And Bones by Stone Sour…If you haven't checked them out before,
you should!

Don't forget to check out Tori's Blog, find her on bloglovin, twitter and facebook!


If I never blog again it's because I ran off with TomorrowWorld and they asked me to be their official TomorrowWorld or Tomorrowland spokesperson/blogger (which they absolutely should.)
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