Do you ever see something and you know it will blow up immediately? It's trending. Everyone is seeing it. Or looking for it. It has millions of hits. Now only if I could do that with my blog…
When Taylor tweeted about the site, The Top Knot, I was instantly hooked. And I know it's going to be extremely popular.
Whenever I found The Top Knot Tumblr I was like:

#MindBlown/ why didn't I think of that.

Also trending: leather shirts. Justin Bieber went to the Pacer's vs Miami Heat game in this ensemble:

Look at this kid's face! I want to smack him. Also he sat int he front row with his body guard behind him, blocking other people's view. And looks like you're wearing multiple chains, God knows you should only wear 2 Chainz. 
Speaking of Teen Idols and one that also fell off her rocker is Miley Cyrus. She came out with a new song “We Can't Stop.” 

I can't figure out whether I love this song or hate it. It's clear that her voice has been morphed into something sounding decent, but that's not what bothers me. What's odd is the flat beats that don't seem to go anywhere. 
I can't think of Miley now without thinking of this.: 
It's so true. 
Now on to some actually good music. Something else that's trending, the new Daft Punk Album. I'm obsessed. Download it. Spotify it. It's greatness.
What's trending for you?

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