You know who I have a secret crush on?
My Cy. Aka Miley Cyrus.
Especially when she had the longer locks (sorry, I just loved that look) and she would twirl her hair in a high bun.
miley cryus top knot how to
She just looks so cute and casual. Also her abs look pretty freaking sweet. So there's that.
But she can't be tamed, and she chopped it off.
It's always a party in the USA for me.
So I wanted to try and recreate this look.
So here is the tutorial for Miley Cyrus' bun:


Gather all of your hair into a high pony tail (like the top of your head). (You can secure with a hair tie if you want, I didn't.)


Start to twist your hair and then wrap around to create a circle.
Tuck in loose ends and secure with a hair tie (you can also put in some bobby pins if you think it might fall).
Loosen the bun a little by pulling the knot opposite ways.Sorry for the serious face, but nobody's perfect.

Alright, you're ready.
I can't wait to see you again.

And just for fun, how many Miley Cyrus songs did I name?
If you guess correctly you win 5 thousand Smileys.
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