I know some guys blog, but lets be honest, they are few and far between, or they are batting for the other team. I'm talking about dudes, bros, homies… if you will. 
The manly man. The frat guy. The macho man. The ‘get me a brew, bro'. 
What would they blog about?
(Thanks to my guy friends for letting me use pictures of them in this post, without their knowledge.)

Post: I don't know what to say. Pretty chill weekend. Hit up some bars. Went home with a couple girls. ‘Bout to chill out and order some pizza. Pretty solid. -Zach 

Title: Great Game Last Night!
Post: My team, the HEAT, won. You know it's all about Lebron. This guy is magic in the paint. Don't be a hater. You know they won, fair and square. Celebrating this weekend with my bros. Should be pretty epic.

Title: Dumb Stuff Girls Do
Post: Why do they always nag? I will clean up when I want to, when I have time. They talk way too much. Why do they always want to talk about their feelings and why do I have to talk about mine? I really don't know how I feel about that. I just know I want food. And about food, why do they always make it healthy?! Can't I just have some freakin' cheese. If I can't have cheese then how come they can have 80 lipglosses? I hate those things anyway. When I go in for a kiss it looks like I have on makeup now. Great. End result- girls do dumb stuff.
Linking up with my boy, Nick.

Title: TV Shows I Watch
Post: Breaking Bad. Mad Men. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Boardwalk Empire. True Blood. And The Bachelorette (only because there is a Drinking Game.) Oh and Pretty Little Liars. (again only because there is a Drinking Game and those girls are hot).

Title: The Stache
Post: I think mustaches are way underrated. My girlfriend wants me to shave it. Should I? 
Just kidding, I don't care what you think. I'm keeping it. 

Title: Beer, It's What's for Dinner
Post: I eat what I want. Or I drink what I want. AMERICA. Also, it's perfectly fine for guys to go to Ke$ha concerts. 

Title: Giveaway
Post: I'm giving away a years worth of Maxim. Just follow me on twitter and leave a comment with what girl you think is the hottest.

Title: Bro Love
Post: There's nothing wrong with it. Girls don't get it. My boys always have my back. It would suck to be a girl. Always drama. If I'm mad at my friend I just punch him and it's over. 

So there you have it. What do you think boys would blog about?