I am surprised at myself for even posting about this, but here it goes. 
This will be short and sweet, I promise.
I sometimes submit my blog posts to Buzzfeed. One of them went viral and another one looks like it will as well. The post is titled “10 People You Meet at a Music Festival.” 
I posted this on the blog before and maybe people were just being nice, but no one was “offended” or felt it was disrespectful in any way. It's all a joke. 
Today, for whatever reason, even though it was posted a week ago, the post has started to get some attention. 
And I understand that with that comes some backlash, but really?
People are saying things like: “Try to make some friends” “You are stuck in a narrow mindset” “idiot” and other various rude comments. You can see the comments on the Buzzfeed article here. (The post has since been removed per my request).
I am really angry and somewhat hurt. Did I do something wrong? Am I really being rude? Is this a bad piece?
And now I have to admit something. I have left a rude comment over the internet before. 
It was dumb and not necessarily hateful, but I regret it nonetheless.
I know that I made someone think twice about themselves and that's terrible, bottom line. 
I know that now becuase of the way I feel.
So my point is, don't leave rude comments or bully people on the internet. Even if you have a screen that protects you from them knowing your identity, there is no protection for them (the writer, blogger, journalist, etc), and it still hurts.
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