I need to take a deep breath after yesterday. 
I am going to say this once and then be done with it. I am not sure what inspires people to hate so much but it's truly sad. Some of the comments from yesterday's post will be deleted because I will not allow filth like that on my blog. And I will not respond to any negative comments. 

Whew. OK.

So for this post I am going to focus on the good.

My first baseball game of the season with my Dad.

You can't get much better than that. 
It was “dollar dog” night. Michael ate 8 hot dogs. Impressive.
My little sisters going to college.
Throwback to 2008
I'm sad that they are leaving, but so proud of them. They are twins but going to different schools. This will be a huge change for them. They are almost like my little children, since I am 7 years older, and I just want them to be the best. That's not too much to ask, right?

This dog.

I can't NOT look at that face and smile. Hugo may look mean but I have never met a sweeter dog in my life.
Oh to have the life of a dog, no cares.

These nuts.

Y'all. These are delicious. There is hardly any sugar, made with cocoa powder but they are packed with flavor. I like to have a sweet after dinner every now and then and these do the trick without the calories.

The people that read this blog each and everyday.
The comments that you leave, tweets, messages etc. It all really means so much.
Thank you!!

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And lastly, I am loving this girl. Kaylin, from Stay Blonde, Ski Local. She is sweet and gorgeous, inside and out! And do you not just love the title of her blog?! take it away Kaylin!….

Hi guys, I'm Kaylin and I blog over at Stay Blonde, Ski Local.

I'm not quite as good of a dancer as Helene, but I try with sexy bird like moves. 
Are you impressed Helene, I mean how could you not be???
This was at my brothers wedding in 2010 (speaking of weddings, read this post), 
and now I am going to be Auntie Kaylin any day now.
…..I can't wait.
Here are some reasons why I am super excited to be an Aunt.
 I won't just be walking through the kid clothes and toys at Target reason-less. I always used to do this and feel weird, the stuff is just so darned fun to look at. Now I can buy it.
I can teach her my sexy dance moves and eventually share my irrational love for Akon with her. Key word here eventually, I'll wait 'til she's old enough, I am sure he'll still be making hits in 16 years right?
 I can enjoy the fun parts of baby/kid life, and always return her
when there is something I don't want to deal with (i.e. serious crying
melt down and/or guacamole diaper, etc.)
I am not mature old enough ready to be a Mom yet (plus I should probably be married before that happens), so now I get to enjoy babies without having one.
I can spoil Reese (it's officially her name), and not feel bad about it.
and the list goes.
I blog about other things too like the time I was naked in a castle (that was embarrassing,  the most annoying things I do, and crafty ideas.
Stop by SBSL (that's code for Stay Blonde, Ski Local) and stay a while. 
I'd love to have you, and I promise we'll have some fun!!!
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