The other day I was reading an article that I found on Facebook by inthemix. inthemix is a online publication that features new electronic dance music and news about the artists. The article talks about how Afrojack has a new song that he's promoting with Budweiser called, “10 Feet Tall”. It's a decent song, catchy, there's nothing wrong with it, but people went on to not only tear down the song, but the DJ himself. Then I started clicking around looking at all their posts about various artists. Every single one had a negative comment of some sort. 

This is present everywhere. Look at YouTube videos, successful ones always are going to have some nasty comment. The comments are somewhat comical. “You suck!” I understand if someone says something controversial or they are trying to incite anger, there's a reason speak up. But when someone's just playing music, why do people feel the need to express their hate or disgust for that person?
For example, Lady Gaga is not my cup of tea. Her music is fine to me, I just personally don't necessarily like her antics. I can't imagine getting on her Facebook page, or tweeting at her, or commenting on her Instagram that I hate her. Why would I waste my time doing that? Sure I may make a comment about how ridiculous her meat dress is but I'm not going to personally attack her. 

The internet has become a wonderful place for people to express themselves. But with that comes hate. And that hate has no consequences. People feel that they say these things without regard, they are behind a screen. Nothing can touch them. And to a degree that's true.

When you start gaining attention you also need to be prepared for more criticism. Criticism is a good thing, really. Sometimes you're heading in the wrong direction and feedback is necessary to figure out where to pick back up. But mindless comments aren't helpful. I guess I brought this up because I'm shocked by the anger for really no apparent reason. It's interesting to me, as someone who works in media, to understand how to help someone/a company/an artist etc, avoid negativity while still being successful. 

Thanks to Sarah for the quote 🙂

Why do you think others tear down successful people on the internet?

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