The other day I got lazy. I had a busy work day and didn't feel like replying to comments from my most recent post. I selected all, and hit delete. Ahhhh was the initial feeling. But then, I realized that I probably should have thought before hitting delete all.

Later on, I commented on a post where I really felt like I gave my full opinion. I felt strongly about the blog post, and asked the blogger a question.

She never responded.

I felt angry. I felt like I put myself out there, read her post, and commented my thoughts and questions – didn't that deserve a response? Yes. It did. And so did the comments that were left on my post.

I think the interesting thing about blogging, something that's different from other platforms out there, is the ability to connect and engage online. You find out things you have in common with total strangers and people from around the world. You make friends and connections that you wouldn't otherwise.

Despite connections- what else does responding to comments do for your blog? I've talked about the importance of commenting on other's blogs before- but what about replying to comments on your own blog?

You can increase traffic to your blog. When someone comments, they are interested in your blog. Responding to comments (almost) guarantees they will come back or follow you in some way. People are also interested in what others have to say.

Let's say you have a controversial post. Readers might even be more interested in other's responses and their stance. When you respond to comments, you encourage people to come back and to keep giving their point of view.

Usually, people who respond to comments are more likely to follow you, share your post, and are more interested in sticking around for more – so treat them right- RESPOND!

Hence, the importance of responding and engaging with your audience. Not just because you should, but because it's a great way to keep your readers interested and feel like their response was worth it. Otherwise, they might just stop responding and reading in general.

****If you are NOT receiving comments back from me, it's because you're a no-reply blogger (meaning I can't send you an email back to respond) Sarah has a great tutorial on how to fix that!***

Do you agree? Do you respond to comments on your blog?

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