This weekend I was Home Alone. This always makes me think of the movie.  RIP Macaulay Culkin. I mean he's alive. But his career isn't.

My husband, Michael, went mountain biking. 
At first, I was excited.
I had big plans of hanging out by myself (I am a big fan of alone time). 
Decorating the house a little more – we have been here a full year and I still don't know what to do with it. But I got bored real quick. 

On Friday my friend and I went to the Movie “Identity Thief” it was pretty funny, a little long.
The important part here is that there was a bar at the movie theater. So my friend and I ordered drinks.

We got what was called a “Liver Transplant” which I had never heard of before. But it's pretty good (and has a lot of alcohol in it) so I though I'd share the recipe:

Pour over ice. Stir, don't shake.

Saturday I said goodbye to my puppy for the day (my husband took him biking). Saturday night I was going to just stay at home but then I decided to go out. It was a good decision.

Sunday was Sunday Funday. I sat out on a Patio for the gorgeous weather we were having in Texas ( I even wore flip flops and shorts!). I ordered cider. And my friend was in town briefly. Clearly ready to party.


And a reminder that tomorrow is my new link up: Travel Tuesdays!
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How was your weekend?

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