A little while ago I wrote a post about decorating my backyard. Let me tell you, I have done nothing since said writing. But I have finally decided it's time to do something. ANYTHING. Whether it's inside, outside, whatever. I am in dire need of help! The good thing is, after being here for this length of time, I'm finally ready to start decorating. It's as if I'm finally getting the courage to tell a boy that I like him, or something.
Anyway, I need your help. I don't have time to DIY. I love you if that's your thing. I'm utterly blown away and impressed but I'm just not that creative.

So my question is, where do you find all the fun/cute/awesome/pretty
things to put in your home? I scan pinterest, but once I click the link it's always out of my price range. I really need it to be cheap. I love Pottery Barn and Z Gallerie but I'm not about to pay $58 for a pillow or $97 for a
coffee tray table that I'll never use.
 For your viewing pleasure, and because this has nothing to do with anything, here's what Michael and I look like. I think this will help you with the design elements of our home. 

So spill your secrets! Where do you shop for home decorations?

Whether you own a home or not, here's a fun quiz about home buying!