A couple years ago, Michael and I were hosting our annual “Friendsgiving” dinner. We were making two turkeys- one baked and one fried. I was making my over-the-top blueberry bread pudding (delicious and super unhealthy, in case you're wondering) and a green bean casserole. Oh, my ankle was also broken and I couldn't put any weight on it, so we had to do everything without me being able to walk across the room.

I was trying to clean up before people came over, when our sink's disposal stopped working. Out of the blue (Michael would point a finger at me, but I claim I'm not guilty) the thing just quits. So it was a little hectic around the house. (Aka I started crying and Hugo ate the green bean casserole when I wasn't looking.) We weren't sure who to call, we'd only been in the house under a year.

But now, I know just what to do for any and all home repairs:, or House Professionals. The website connects users with small businesses in their area in real time. That means you get up-to-date information and pricing on all your home repairs, and you're able to communicate easily with the businesses.

Here's how it works: register and log-in. Then search or post a service request. You'll find reviews, follow their social media accounts or contact the business! The benefit is that the company if vying for your business- not the other way around. You can choose who to work with and on your own terms.

The business was started in Plano, Texas and focuses on A/C & Heating, Electrical, General Contractors,
Painting and Plumbing. Unlike other referral sites, referral services are free and businesses engage the consumer before they actually buy a service, while protecting the identity of the consumer. So, you won't get spammed with services and advertisements you don't want or need. 

Want to learn more? Check out ratings, find them on Facebook, and make your home repairs easy!