I have been a yo-yo dieter and weightloss-er for as long as I can remember. Even despite being fairly normal growing up, like most girls, I struggled with my appearance. Now, that I really do need to lose weight I've learned what helps keep me on track. I feel like I'm finally coming around to the healthy path and have pinpointed what's helped me: not doing it alone.
I hate talking about my weight and fitness. It gives me anxiety thinking about how to explain why I've gained weight or why I'm not fitting into my old jeans. But having a teammate has made all the difference. Michael has also gone up and down with his weight. The man can eat everything and basically still look awesome, but he has struggled with it on and off. When I really started packing on the pounds was when Michael ate whatever he wanted, and in turn, so did I.
Now we're both on track to stay healthy. We check in with each other. We encourage one another to stay active and make healthy choices. We cook together. We also dance in the living room often.

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