I was super pumped for Monday's episode. 
I love to see how much the women changed themselves after seeing themselves on TV.
AshLee is now ombré blonde.
Robyn looks pretty interesting- also who are you?
Jackie went goth.
Kacie B is back from hooker camp. Wherever that is.
Desiree got rid of the bangs.
Tierra has learned to control her eyebrow. Jk that can't be tamed.
Lesley is just more awesome.
And Sarah got a new arm. Ok too far. Sorry.
Sean showed up to some girls watching parties. And removes his shirt in front of 14 year olds. Put the nips back.

Anyway, Tierra is up first. She's just blabbing about her sparkle and waving her hands around so people can see her brand spankin new engagement ring. She has nothing to apologize for and she's better than everyone. When she walks in a room she sparkles. She won toddlers and tiaras apparently when she was 6. I know this because at one point she says, “Look it” when trying to explain herself.
Or her eyebrows. 
All I can think about is the weird slit in her dress under her boobs. 
And that she's engaged.
To this guy.
He kinda reminds me of Des' brother: Hand Tats
But this isn't about the girls. It's Chris Harrison's time to shine. He's asking hard hitting questions like: are you sad Sean didn't give you a rose? Are you sorry? And can you in fact control your eyebrow? Do you hate yourself that you got kicked off the Bachelor?

Then it's time for Seany. AshLee wants to know why he got rid of her. Well because you were crazy no fun. All serious all the time.  She wants to know why he put her through a rose ceremony. I think AshLee forgot she was on TV. She just doesn't get it, hence proving why he shouldn't marry her. Then she proves the cray, “you said you have absolutely no feelings for the other women.” Sean's all hell to the no. Clearly she roofied Sean one might and made his mouth say it. Nutso. 

Overall I was disappointed. At the end they didn't get to ask him questions about why they were dumped and tricked.  
But you know what was intense? When they showed the clips of the dog, Magic that died. That's when the tears came. 
What did you think? And who will he pick. 
I'm still Team Catherine.
And who will be the next Bachelorette? I'm thinking Des.
And for the sponsored feature today…

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