It was Hometown dates for this episode. 
One of my faves. 
A family can tell you a lot about a person. (Like how nice, crazy or just plain weird they really are).
And I DID NOT watch “Sean Tells All” last night. And I think it was for the better.We know it was all about discussing Tierra. 

Up first, AshLee in Houston. 
They meet and picnic and she has “fallen in to love with” him. The way she talks makes me think she should be a motivational speaker. 
A motivational speaker who cries about everything and dreamed about being on the bachelor and live taping the love her life meeting her parents. 

Then her dad guilt trips Sean- you better not break this girls heart- she's been in 5 foster homes. 
I'm so over this girl. Her breathy voice, her sob story. Sorry, just over it. 
Catherine has the second date and they're in Seattle throwing fish. 
Catherine is just always down for fun. Although she's on a reality tv show, she seems semi normal. And she even caught a fish. They just seem like two kids in like (see how I didn't say love). 

Sean seems right at home at Cat's hose (we are going by nick names now). But Catherine's sisters has qualms about it. They want to make sure she's serious.
 Ovbs she is- she's on the bachelor. 
They seem to want to sabotage her relationship: “she's messy” and can be “very happy or sad.” If those are her problems, it looks like you have a winner. 
And her mom does not ok him popping the question. 
Sean is concerned. 

Lindsay (in Missouri) is trying to look like a hooker with her day makeup and baby voice. Gross. 
She makes Sean run around in an Army outfit. It was all in preparation to meet her father, err the general.

 If you can tell anything from someone's parents then Lindsay is just as crazy as her mom. And just as strict as her dad. Her mom asks if he loves her. You didn't see this but Chris Harrison came in the room and shushed him. 
Oh and the general gives his blessing for their marriage. I hope my dad wouldn't! He should only give his blessing to one guy. I'm annoyed with this. I'm not a fan of wedding dress girl and that's the only way I see her. 

The good thing about Lindsay's date: Her brother.
He practically doesn't speak. He just gives Sean a hug goodbye. That's the way you do it, bro.

Desiree's is clearly the focus of the episode and a train wreck. A nut job brother and a crazy ex boyfriend. 

Desiree's date starts out with a hike, foreshadowing for what she be taking at the end of the episode? 
The family is invited over to her house, instead of them coming over there. Her “pretend boyfriend” shows up. Ok. Good prank Des-ter. But clearly, it was better than Sean's. She fooled me. 

Then it's time to meet the family, specifically Hand Tats, her brother.
Desiree's brother drops the bomb: 
He wants Sean dead.
But he hates this and thinks he's a “playboy”. And clearly they will never get along. Although who would this guy with hand tats and possible gang member get along with? If Desiree had any chance it looks like negative Nate has nixed that. 
Before he can make a decision he has to look out from a hill for long periods of time, he does his best thinking that way.
At the rose ceremony he quickly gives roses to AshLee and Lindsey.
But he has questions about she and Catherine and Desiree. 

Does he not remember his spark with Catherine?! 

But luckily he realizes Desiree should go. 
Blame hand Tats.
And now she doesn't know what to do with her life. I know! Help Tierra with her eyebrow issue. 

You know who else has brow issues? 
Our boy, Sean.

Or lack there of.

I was so distracted by his light brows, especially on Lindsay's date when they were eating cupcakes. I could hardly watch it. So maybe he should of stuck with Tierra and they could have been brow buddies for life. It's too late, she's engaged. 

3 girls left, my pick is Catherine for sure. 
Who do you want to win? 

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