We all know the drill:

After the show its the after party
After the party its the hotel lobby
And round about 4 you gotta clear the lobby

Then head take it to the room and freak somebody.
R. Kelly, Ignition (Remix) told us. But what about before the party? Today I have a special guest bringing you the Pre-Party Playlist. Afterall, sometimes the Pre- party is better than the actual party.Take it away Alisha!

Hey ya'll HEY! I'm Alisha and I blog over at The Alisha Nicole! One of the many reasons why Helene is one of my favorites in all of blog land is because we both share a love for great music! So when invited to share a few of my favorites, there was no way I could turn it down!

Say its Saturday night and you and your girls are prepping for a night out! You know the songs you dance around to while getting ready and sipping on your favorite drinks (or taking shots if you're my friends)? Well today folks I give you my Pre-Party Playlist, filled with a few of my favorite songs (new and old) that get me hype to hit the club!

1. She Twerkin' by Ca$h Out – I first heard this song a few months ago and it quickly became one of my favorite songs to hear in the club! The verses are pretty terrible but if the hook and the beat doesn't get you ready to “werk it” then something is seriously wrong!

2. Phresh Out The Runway by Rihanna – One of my favorite “stare in the mirror because I look good and Im feeling myself” songs.

3. Flawless by Beyonce – Seriously how could you NOT listen to this before heading out?! You could be dressed in a brown paper bag and this song will make you feel like the baddest chick at the bar!

4. Move That Dope by Future – I love my music LOUD and sometimes a little ratchet. As soon as this song comes on I'm up bouncing..EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

5. Bounce by Calvin Harris – Ya'll my love for Calvin Harris runs DEEP like its border line obsessive! I could probably write an entire post about how his “18 Months” album gets me hype to go almost anywhere!

6. Work by Iggy Azalea – I love me some Iggy! The beat in this song is SICK and I may or may not have attempted to learn her dance moves from the video!

7. Say Yeah by Wiz Khalifa – Ok this is an EXTREME throwback but it reminds me of my wild partying college days and still gets me hype when it comes on!

And now I'm in the mood to go dance! I could go on for days about what songs get me ready for the night ahead but I'll just leave you with a little sample. I'd love to know what songs you'd add!

Thanks so much Alisha! Check her out on twitter, instagram and Bloglovin!
What are your favorite songs to listen to before the party? photo signature-24.png