Get in loser, it's time for the bachelorette party! The Mean Girls quotes were popping up like Mathletes at a math tournament. It's safe to say I think this is an awesome theme for a bachelorette party, and the possibilities are endless. Here's how we threw a Mean Girls themed bachelorette party to remember.

get in loser bachelorette party mean girls tank tops

The bride to be is getting married on October 3rd – which happens to be National Mean Girls Day. Remember when Cady finally asks Aaron the date?
On October 3rd he asked me what day it was. 

october 3rd mean girls gif

So this was the perfect excuse to throw a Mean Girls themed Bachelorette party. Plus, who doesn't love this movie?

Mean Girls Bachelorette Supplies

 Luckily, pink and more pink is the color of the movie. Afterall, on Wednesdays they wear pink. I ordered hot pink tank tops that read “Get in Loser, it's Ally's Bachelorette!”  I think the plastics would approve:

mean girls themed bachelorette party

The You Can't Sit With Us Table:

you can't sit with us mean girls themed bachelorette party
As Evelina pointed out, these totally double as the Fertility Vases of the Nedebele Tribe 🙂

 Mean Girls Themed Bachelorette Party Decorations

cheers bitches bachelorette party decorations

The tanks were also perfect pool attire. And look at this awesome view in Austin's Lakeway Resort. More details of what we did, ate, and drank in Austin here.

lakeway resort austin

We made a burn book, and printed out pictures from everyone's Facebook profile picture. During the weekend, we wrote various Mean Girls quotes and(funny) mean things about each other. For instance, I'm the one that yells. Not surprised. We also wrote, “She's not like a regular bride, she's a cool bride!” Under the blog photos. The more quotes, the better!

burn book mean girls bachelorette party

The bride gifted us with adorable monogrammed tumblrs that we used during the hot days and were perfect to make party drinks.

monogram tumblrs bachelorette party

All the girls wore plastic tiaras (just cold, hard, shiny plastic!) on our night out on the town, and the bride sported a tiara with a veil.

plastics mean girls bachelorette

Lingerie Party

This wasn't Mean Girls themed, just something that's always fun for a bachelorette party.We strung up the Lingerie on display and named each piece for the groom to pick out on the wedding day.

Lingerie Party Bachelorette

On the night out, we wore all black, while the bride wore pink.

bachelorette party mean girls themed

It's safe to say we tried to make fetch happen. And it totally worked.