I'm pretty freaking proud of myself. 
I have a broken ankle and Friday night I went to a rave. 
Specifically, I went to the Lizard Lounge in Dallas to see Cazzette. (An electronic dance music duo, in case you were wondering). 
Wheelchair in the trunk and crutch under the arm I was puzzled as what to wear.
I went to Tomorrowland in Europe this past summer (the largest electronic dance music festival in the world).  There, it was easy to pick out clothes since it was hot- and neon is easy to throw on with some jean shorts.
In front of the main stage: jean shorts and neon equipped.
But now I had a dilemma: it's 40 degrees outside and I'm going to freeze my butt off. 
What do I wear?
I tried on literally 15 outfits. (Which is no easy task when your right leg is in a boot). 
But decided on plaid and leggings with a neon hat.

I guess Michael decided the same (minus the leggings).
The Couple that raves together stays together.
It's a fact.
The leg held up (pretty) well throughout the night.
As you can see the crutch made an appearance in the picture. 
Side note: this bar is 18 and up, so there were a lot of little kids there getting drunk and stepping on my toes. The crutch was an important weapon.

Cazzette tearing it up with their cassette heads.
I did stand pretty close, I was told at one point I was an inspiration for coming there with a broken ankle. He was 17 but I'll take what I can get.

Top left, Cazzette, minus the cassette heads. Top right, the girls. And bottom: the boys. Why yes, I am married to the guy with the crazy look, not sure what's going on there. 
I had a great time, despite my leg swelling up like a small balloon. 
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I promise not to post nasty ankle pictures.
All in all rave success in the winter with a broken ankle was a success. 
What would you wear to a winter rave?