So everyone is squawking about the music festival in California, Coachella. 
Coachella is coming, Coachella is coming!
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That's great. 
But you know what's better?
Like 5,000 times better.
And it's not filled with celebrities. 
Anyway, I love music festivals (and if someone wants to send me there for free that's fine. I will gladly review it, Sarah knows what I'm talking about). 
But one of the most important things is to dress like you're going to a festival.
So here is one of my favorite looks. 
original pin 
So for the first time ever, I got on Polyvore and made some outfits:
Festival Fashion

festival color

festival color by heleneinbetween featuring house of harlow 1960 necklace

I just like to be comfortable, colorful and be able to rage.

What do you wear to a festival?