The Night before Christmas, A Blogger's Version

Twas Friday before Christmas and all through the house,
my fingers typed posts while shushing my spouse.
The presents were placed under the tree with hope,
that wishing for a MacBook wasn't considered a joke.
The dogs were nestled at the end of the bed,
While visions of tasty dog treats danced in their heads.
Dressed in Christmas PJs, with a glass of wine for a night cap,
We'd just settled down for a hungover nap.
When out on the porch there came such a clatter,
 I hit my husband to go see what was the matter.
His snore was over-powering, so up I go like a flash,
Thinking maybe this year Santa is bringing us cash!
The moon shone as bright as a white Christmas snow.
Though that's not a sight any of us Texans would know.
Just then I saw Santa make a move toward my roof
And swish down the chimney like expensive vermouth.
He spotted me watching him from behind the stairs,
And he asked if I'd mind if he sat in a chair.
We chatted a while over milk and sweet snacks,
about all the technology that now fills up his sack.
I asked as he left, to please give me advice,
and if he thinks of us bloggers as naughty or nice?
He said nothing but gave me a rye jolly smile,
I guess adding a comment is just not his style.
He texted Rudolph as he went on his way,
To rally the reindeer and ready the sleigh.
Just what did he bring me, I asked myself?
Something made just for me by a blog-friendly elf?
Perhaps he brought a monogrammed planner
to keep upcoming posts in their proper manner.
Or a really cute dress,
So in an outfit post I can look my best.
And last but not least, maybe a box of wine,
So he can hear me exclaim:  “It's Franzia time!”
Yes it's a perfect blogger Christmas for me,
On this point I certainly hope you agree.
So I'll end my little rant with something serene:
Merry Christmas to All, from Helene In Between!
If you got to the end of this mess, Congrats. Never said it would be a GOOD rhyme.
Merry Christmas Y'all! Hope you get everything you want, including boxed wine.