This time of year is always the most wonderfully chaotic cluster of parties, events, traditions, and people. I relish it. Friends and family come together. It's a chance to be with many of the people I love all at the same time.

Last night as we drove to a bar for our high school alumni “Cocktails at Christmas,” Michael mentioned his exhaustion. “I need to sleep at some point.” He smiled when he said it, knowing it really wouldn't happen. Not at Christmas time. This weekend was packed with events I couldn't dream of missing. Friday we drove two hours outside of Dallas to a friend's lake house. A giant slumber party with friends is always a good idea. We played in a tennis tournament the next the morning (in case you're wondering, my team lost the championship game).

Michael and I had to hustle back on Saturday to make green beans and take a shower before my parent's annual Christmas party. Aka, the best Christmas party ever. Every year my parents have more than 100 friends who show up at our house. I get to see people I haven't seen all year. My mom runs around refilling her crab and shrimp dip, turkey, tamales or cheesy potatoes. No matter what, people  congregate at this party without fail. Guests began arriving at 6:30 and the last group left at 1:45. Sleep? Not this weekend.

Sunday I went to brunch with girlfriends. The seven of us have been friends since first grade and nothing seems to change. Including the fact that we took Christmas pictures on the stairs of the restaurant. The hostess who took the picture was not amused.

Sunday night Michael and I went to our high school's annual young alumni “Cocktails at Christmas” party. We aren't that young anymore, so this marks our second-to-last event. It's one of my favorite holiday traditions —and an excuse to drink with people I haven't seen all year. It's always too loud and too crowded, but we always have a blast.
This time of year is always a whirlwind — so much to do, so many people to see, and last minute things to check off my list, including Christmas shopping. (I'm terribly behind this year.) Most people think it's stressful. But the pandemonium makes me happy. Maybe I'm weird (that's not a maybe) but I prefer chaos to quiet. And at Christmas, the most chaotic time of all, I get to step out of my routine and appreciate the people in my life.