I am very lucky to live where I do. I grew up here, in Dallas, so all my friends come home for the holidays. Every year there are two things I can't miss: My family Christmas party and my high school young alumni “Cocktails at Christmas.” These past few years they've fallen on the same weekend. So that means lots of catching up with lots of people.

Please look at Michael photobombing this picture (he's in the middle)

My little sisters are home from their first semester of college. One came home with a nose piercing. I understand that some of you may have them. I like them on other people. But not on my baby. I hate it on her. She'll always be about 12 in my eyes.

The party was a blast, per usual, but this year's crowd was busier than it seemed in years past. My parents have been having this party since before I was born. Actually my mom's parents had the party when my mom was a little girl- so you could say it's been going on for quite a while.

What I love about it is no matter what, people come. They bring food. They invite friends and it continues to grow and be a part of everyone's Christmas tradition.
All my friends come every year, no matter where they are. This year I burst into tears when I saw my oldest friend in the world (she's the one with me cutting up in this picture).

Despite staying up super late Saturday, Michael had me up at 7 am to go field dog training with our new pup. It was an hour and a half drive and windy with freezing temperatures, but she was just so cute bouncing through the grass looking for birds. I guess that's why they call them springers.

Side note, she came into heat on Friday…so since she's not fixed yet, she'll be sporting doggy diapers.

Sunday was my high school alumni get together. I even straightened my hair for it. Which with hair as long and as raggedy as mine is no easy task.

Selfie Sunday. Judge Away.

The party was fun. Lots of old friends. But the music was terrible.
So my friend took over the DJ booth and brought the party to life. Shout out to JD. Class of 2005 forever.

Killin' it. 

Christmas is the best. I work everyday this week except for Christmas day- what about you? How was your weekend before Christmas?
P.S. I do not yet have a gift for Michael. He doesn't read this blog, so any ideas are welcome.
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