This is one of my favorite days of the year: Christmas Eve Eve. 
The last minute Christmas gifts are being wrapped. 
There is a party or 4 to go to. 
The stress of Christmas is (hopefully) subsiding.
As a kid I could barely contain my excitement at this point. 
I miss those times.
Let's bring Santa back for adults. 
Tonight I am going to my high school party “Cocktails at Christmas.”
It happens every year, and everyone goes. 
(I am still very close with all my high school friends). 
And I plan on drinking heavily. I mean,  to celebrate Christmas Eve Eve. 
Although I love it, you always run into people that you'd rather never see ever again. 
The person that you pretend is your friend but you both loathe each other. 
You awkwardly say hi. You ask about how their life is, but you aren't listening. You are looking for an exit route. You'd love to pour a drink on their dress.
But it's Christmas Eve Eve, so I'll play nice.
Hopefully by that time I'll be in my happy place. Meaning: nice and tipsy. 
So, I'll just do this:
Channeling B Spears is always a good idea.
Lord help me I get through this night.
And yesterday's Caption That Best Caption:
“And alas, the poor Elf on the Shelf suffered a minor setback traveling to Nana's this year”
Do you have any Christmas Eve Eve plans?