*Kinda like the best Chritsmas Pagent ever, cept we're talking about a party. 
I cannot even believe tomorrow is Christmas. First, because it JUST got cold here in Texas. 
And second, because why does time always go so fast around the holidays? I hate it.
This weekend was my family's annual Christmas party.
They have lost count on the number of times they've had this party but it's been going for at least 30 years.
Their parents each had one growing up and the tradition continues.
It's everyone's favorite. 
100+ people throughout the night.
Delicious food.
Christmas music.

This year Tiny Tim (that's me) made the rounds with a crutch, but that didn't stop me from drinking and having a good time. Nothing ever will. Thank you.

I got to see my 3 best friends from growing up. They were my bridesmaids, my homies, we've known each other forever. And we always pick up where we left off.

My parents have always had parties. For my birthday's growing up we would always have these huge bashes. I much rather have that than presents. But they gave me both. 
Tiny Tim Representing.

When you marry someone from high school then all your friends tend to still be from high school. And I'm fine with that.

This is some of the crew from Saturday night.

There were also adults there.
I do not and will not consider myself an adult.

Especially when it's my idea to make it a funny picture.

Every year the party has more meaning to me. One day when my parents are old and gray I will take the party over. We will have to go crazy making food and cleaning the house. You might only see some people there once a year, at the party. No matter what is going on in our lives my parents have the party. It's my favorite Christmas tradition.

On Sunday (or Christmas Eve Eve) I went to my high school reunion get together. It's once a year for the young alumni's. Yesterday I posted about running into frenemies but the party turned out to be a lot of fun.
That's also because I had wine and rum and diet coke by my side. And they would never be my frenemy.

Please note the picture behind me. Is the guy strangling the girl? Creepy. 

How was your weekend?