I always dislike the day after Christmas.
I would say hate but that's a strong word.
I just feel sad that all the joy and fun from the previous days are over. 
And I am not a kid anymore so it's back to work we go.
Today is also tough since I am going back to my office for the very first time in 3 months.
But I am determined to make it a fun day.
This Christmas was one of my most favorite to date. 
This is my second married Christmas.
Last year was hard going back and forth between houses, so we went to his mom's house on Christmas Eve and my family's house Christmas night.
Well, we also went to my house on Christmas Eve, I am stubborn. 
We went light looking with my family (it's a tradition). 
And then Christmas morning we opened gifts and had our first white Christmas!
I received St. Germain, so I was a happy camper. 
Drinking on Christmas = perfection.
On Christmas Eve we went to Church and the priest said something that made me realize that it's ok to continue the Christmas spirit. 
He told everyone to keep their Christmas lights on (for at least 12 more days).
 To keep the tree up. Heck, sing Christmas carols if you want. To continue to enjoy the season. And I intend to do that. 
It's not over until my 6 year old self says it's over. 
Or until the St. Germain runs out.
How was your Holiday?!