Sometimes you just need a feel good weekend. I had that and it was awesome.
Usually my weekends consist of me icing (not actually putting icing on it, but ice, duh) my ankle and reading blogs. Which is great. But this weekend I went out. Judge if you want. 
I am starting with Thursday. Sometimes you just have to pretend Thursday is part of your weekend.
Roasting Marshmallows by the fire and frying Salmon. It was a healthy weekend. Sorry it's Christmas time and I am eating badly. Not sorry.
I went to a holiday party Friday night.

I even took the walker with me to the bar.

Champion? Yes.
Now you are probably thinking that I went to the bar and sat.
Let me explain myself. 
I can't do that.
I won't do that.
I danced. With the walker.
Sometimes people would use it as a prop. 
Michael (that's my husband) really liked it. He was a dancing fool. 
Hence why I married him. 
The next morning I was swollen. 
But it was time for brunch.
And cinnamon rolls the size of your head.
That is butter ‘atop it. It was too good.
Saturday it was time for another party.
A friend's birthday party at an outdoor bar.
It was almost warm. Is it December? 
Texas doesn't think so.
Someone needs to shave.
Sunday we FINALLY got a Christmas tree. It's the first one in our house. 
And we got it for $6.99. It's not the prettiest. 
On the left is our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, the right is my parents Christmas Tree. A lot nicer.
We went over to my parent's house to be fed and decorate for Christmas. 
This coming Saturday is their HUGE Christmas party and my favorite time of the year. 

My family. Love 'em.
I know you wanted a picture overload of my weekend. You're welcome. If you like this type of thing, follow me on Instagram.

How was your weekend?