I was inspired by THIS Buzzfeed article on a “Typical Day for a High Schooler is 2005.” Which, is appropriate for me, since I graduated high school in 2005. '05 hand signals flash.
I am on the left. God help me what are those sunglasses.
My post is inspired by MY high school experience. By that I mean the All Girl's Catholic high school one:

You wake up 7 minutes before your alarm goes off. And throw on your uniform and saddle oxfords. 
You don't need to get ready, or even look in the mirror for that matter, you go to an all girl's school for Christ's sake. Pun Intended.
You answer your Nokia phone and chat with your crush about the football game on Friday.
You do not shave your legs for at least 5 days unless there is a probability of an encounter with the male sex.
You go to said game.
Don't forget your puka shell necklace!
After school you go to soccer practice.
or dance practice

or theater practice.

On the weekends you put on your jean skirt and tie top to go to a friend's house party.
And you make your mom take pictures of you by the front door before leaving the house. Because A. You are with a boy so you want to remember that and B. You think this outfit looks good. 
You go see your friends band play.
You are an hour late because you and your friends were taking pictures.
Rusty Brother's Forever. 
At your friend's band's concert you run into your ex from 7th grade. 
Bottom left.
You go to a theme party.
You have to leave because the cops were called and you can't get an MIP.
It's ok, the white Trash Bash is next weekend.

You get caught drinking,
Because you post pictures of yourself doing it on 
You get on AIM later that night to talk to your BFs and crush.
Your mom yells at you to get off the computer and go to bed. It's ok, you need to catch up on The Hills anyway. LC and Lo are in a fight!
Spring Break, you go to Panama city with all your girlfriends….and boyfriend.
You tell your mom y'all are sleeping in separate rooms…
It's finally Prom Night and you are jamming to Snoop Dog's “Drop it Like it's Hot”
You slow dance to James Blunt's “You're Beautiful.” You make sure to leave room for the Holy Spirit.
It's time for graduation. Get on your white dress

and try not to fall during your curtsy.

What was your high school experience like?